Refund Policy

Customer shall receive full refund of the amount paid if

  • Delivery of the product or service is not made within 5 days of payment of the order, unless the Customer has been informed about the possible delay before payment.
  • The order is not delivered within 15 days and the customer does not accept the order when made available after 15 days, unless the Customer has permitted otherwise earlier or if the order was dispatched within 5days but was delayed/misplaced by the logistics partner.
  • The order is not delivered as per any written communication made to the Customer.
  • In case of unresolved disputes, Intow determines that full refund is to be offered to the customer.
  • Seller's policy permits full refund for returns and customer returns the product within conditions as set by the seller.

Customers shall receive partial refunds if

  • Customer has cancelled a part of the order and we are agreeable to the cancellation
  • We have delivered only a part of the order and the customer is agreeable to receiving the part order and waives off any liability to deliver the remaining part.

Refunds shall be processed within 30 days of confirmation of the cancellation. Refunds will be credited directly to customer's bank account. In case the customer does not possess a bank account, the refund will be processed via cheque or cash, as is convenient to Intow. Refund processing by INTOW is subject to the refund amount being held with INTOW, Liability of INTOW ends once the payment is transferred to us as per our agreement with INTOW.