Silence is that space within us where we find ourselves. It has the power to answer all our questions, a path to the divine and inner peace. As we are busy working our way through the hardships and adventures, it is hard to find peace of mind. Silence is a doorway to our conscience. It helps us channelise our thoughts. Silence is a great instrument to tune ourselves to our existence.

It is hard to find silence !

Today's world is filled with all sorts of distractions. From numbing traffic to tiny smart phone, its very easy to distract our minds. Finding silence has become so difficult that we have come to believe, being left alone is the only way to find it. But the fact is, all it needs in a still mind..

Where can i find silence ?

Silence is not just the quietness outside, it is the silence of our mind, our inner self. One should be able to channelize and quiet one's mind from thoughts. In the beginning it can be hard, but practice will get us there. There are various ways to try and find that void in ourselves for inner peace. It is that space where there are no thoughts, words or images.


Find a spot where you can sit alone for a few minutes. Start with 5 minutes a day. The most important part is, as you sit alone, close your eyes and try to hear your breath. The first time I tried it, i couldn't stop myself from thinking about what i have to complete after those 5 minutes, let alone hearing my breath. Once you have mastered the 5 minutes, gradually make it 10 , then 20 and so on. Meditation can give you a whole new world. It can be a great source of destressing yourselves. It helps you find calmness and patience.


Yoga unites the body and mind. It strengthens the body and the system, which eventually strengthens the mind. The various yoga postures help build the core and the strength to concentrate. It helps to hold the mind still and thus attain inner peace.

Nature Walks

Nature is the best medicine when it comes to finding some quietness. The subtle sounds in the nature can take you for a ride into its vastness, channelising the mind and thoughts. It can be an extremely relaxing and rewarding experience if you give into it.

The new you

Silence will always precede a new path full of energy and ideas. A calm mind can always see and think clearly. As we realize the silence within us, we gain the strength to stop reacting to everything around us and also learn to control our own thoughts. Silence can help us hear our conscience better. It can help us control and filter our thoughts giving us inner peace. As Buddha quotes “ We are what we think, What we think we become”. Silence gives us the power to control what we think and we can become what we really want to be. Peace!