Most falls occur in the bathroom than in any other room in a house so bathroom safety is essential for people of all ages. But people with mobility issues (be it from a disability, illness, or surgery) and the elderly are especially at risk of falling in the bathroom, more so during nights.


Bathroom safety is of utmost importance especially for the elderly. The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in any home, with slippery surfaces that are easy to trip on and sharp corners where anyone can hit and hurt their head. Because safety is of paramount importance, not only to prevent falls, but also to allow seniors to ensure their independence, a wide variety of bathroom safety products are available to provide stability and assistance. Having the right bathroom safety aids ensures that one of the most dangerous rooms in your home can become one of the safest.


One of the keys to bathroom safety is maintaining balance. By maintaining balance, any person is unlikely to slip up and thus can prevent catastrophic falls. A properly installed Grab Bar or even a Tension Rod can provide balance assistance wherever the user may need it. Positioning the same is also just as important as installing it, with regards to both the right height and location. For eg., a Grab Bar near the shower area or next to the commode or sink is more useful than one in the middle of the bathroom.


Fall prevention is important, especially for the elderly. Each year, many seniors suffer grievous injuries from falls that could have been prevented with the installation of proper bathroom flooring.


For seniors who live alone and will need to do their own cleaning, vinyl flooring is the most obvious choice, considering its easy maintenance. Stains can be easily wiped off, and the floor won’t scar or scrape over time with the use of a walker or as a wheelchair passes over it on a regular basis. However, rubber flooring is one of the safest and best choices that can be made for a senior-friendly bathroom. It’s not slick when wet, provides solid and stable footing, is easy to maintain and creates a soft surface that’s very soft to the feet and in case a fall does occur. Having a non-slip mat on the floor of the shower or tub as well as one on the floor when stepping out of tub or shower (to protect against slipping on wet tiles) helps the elders feel more stable and can reduce the chance of slipping. However, don’t, under any circumstances use a towel instead of a rug or mat. Stepping onto a towel is dangerous, as chances of the towel easily sliding away from underneath the feet are high. A non-slip rug in front of the toilet and by the sink area too can help to reduce slipping on wet tiles.


Ensure the safety of you and your loved ones when you buy and install the right bathroom safety products for your home.